Available prints & fabrics - Update in progress

We order all of the fabrics below from a local company in New Jersey. The fleece prints are all anti-pill. Softee bubble is used to line the peek-a-boo beds as well as make beds, blankets, sacks, and hammocks. We have also added a Safari Collection of fabrics. All stuffing, foam, and batting are manufactured by Fairfield Products in Connecticut. All fabrics and materials used in the beds and pads are made to be washed repeatedly and still hold up for years.

Fleece prints often available:


Softee Bubble Colors used frequently:

Ivory, brown, black, pink, blue, lilac, periwinkle, strawberry, green apple, and white.

Pasted Graphic 2

Safari Collection varies by demand, but generally includes a brown mink, leopard, exotic (leopard type design), and zebra. See below for examples:

Pasted Graphic Exotic peek-a-boo bed Pasted Graphic 1
Zebra with periwinkle softee bubble peek-a-boo bed